Pippuridino (Dino the Pepper)

Pippuridino (Dino the Pepper)

The autumn 2014 premiere PIPPURIDINO is a comedy for audiences of all ages.
It stars two chefs, their quick-tongued chicken and a strange visitor the likes of
whom you’ve never seen before. The chefs’ routines are ruffled when the
Swedish court orders a birthday cake for the princess. The chicken’s whimsical
behaviour makes a mess of the baking though, and Pippuridino, who rushes to help,
is thought to be an egg thief. After numerous mishaps there is a happy ending.
It is promising to be a funny, fast and touching story about friendship and prejudice.
Happy songs, exhilarating characters and exciting chases.

For children ages 3 and up.
Duration approx. 45 min.

Performance in Swedish and Finnish.

This play also tours.


Script: Erja Alander, Eero Ahre and Patrik Drake
Director: Eero Ahre
Puppets and staging: Outi Herrainsilta
Music: Tommi Lindell
Lighting design: Veijo Lindell
Actors: Krista Putkonen-Örn and Antero Nieminen



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