Sotta Pyttynen – the world’s messiest grandad

Sotta Pyttynen – the world’s messiest grandad


Premiere 20 September 2018

Writer and director: Katja Krohn
Set and puppet design: Mimmi Resman
Musical score: Salla Markkanen
On stage: Antero Nieminen and Niina Sillanpää


Iiro is a little boy who is four years old and very, very good: his teeth are always clean, his hair’s forever tidy, he’s wonderfully kind and oh so lovely. But what about his grandad, Sotta Pyttynen? Does grandad really collect junk? Why won’t he mop or dust? Does he actually think baths are a bust?


When Iiro goes for his first ever sleepover at grandad’s house, he ends up having the biggest adventure of his entire life. There’s fun, there’s frolics, there’s tig and even a game of catch, but Iiro and grandad still find the time to squeeze in a discussion about table manners and a debate about pyjama etiquette. Together, the awesome twosome discover that there’s always more than one right way of doing things.


“This is not a mess, silly, this is my way of being organised!”

Duration 45 mins
Age recommendation: 3+