Mimmi the Cow and her friend the Crow

Aktuella pjäser

Mimmi the Cow and her friend the Crow


Director: Olka Horila Set design, puppets and costumes: Annukka Pykäläinen
Composer: Ari Outila
Lighting design: Veijo Lindell
On stage: Krista Putkonen-Örn/Outi Haaranen-Halme and Antero Nieminen


Mimmi is a cheerful cow who’s always on the lookout for fun and adventure. Bold, brave and brilliant, Mimmi likes to seize the day and throws herself wholeheartedly into everything she does. Somewhere along the way, Mimmi meets Crow, a timid and fearful bird, and after a series of japes and capers the two become firm friends. Friendship is important to us all. Based on a popular children’s book series, this production encourages audience participation and invites children to think about friendship from many different angles. Is there anything more wonderful than caring about someone else and knowing that someone cares about you?


Age recommendation: 3+
Duration 45 mins


Also available as a touring production.