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The Hevosenkenkä Theatre was founded in 1975 by sisters Kirsi Siren (Aropaltio),
a director, and set decorator Sara Siren. The aim was for the theatre to be a professional theatre directing its performances at 3-12 year olds and the whole family, using puppets and the musical theatre’s various modes of expression in a diverse manner. Strong competence and professional skills were the foundation for all aspects of the theatre’s operations.

Throughout the theatre’s entire existence, the aim of operations of all aspects of the theatre has been artistic development and the all-round service of the audience. Indeed, the theatre has developed into a cultural centre, much loved by the audience. 

The theatre is located in Juhannusmäki in Espoo. Theatre building – idyllic school built in 1899 – renovated and extended into an ideal milieu for child audiences. The ascending auditorium has a capacity of 130, the theatre premises also contain a cosy café and its own exhibition space Gallery Hevosenkenkä with changing exhibitions. On the lower floor of the Gallery there are good facilities for regular workshops and courses which are held for both adults as well as children. There is plenty of space to park in the theatre’s large yard area. The theatre office and stage property room have their own buildings in the grounds.

There are at least two premieres per year. The repertoire always consists of several different performances. The repertoire always includes includes a performance in Swedish as well.

There are 300 performances each year at Hevosenkenkä and 30,000 spectators.

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