Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty and the Beast


Writer and director: Kirsi Siren
Stage design: Mimmi Resman
Puppet design: Fanni Lieto
Composer: Tommi Lindell
Lighting design: Veijo Lindell
On stage: Outi Haaranen-Halme, Eero Ahre and Pekka Heiman
Photos: Pekka Elomaa


Hevosenkenkä Theatre’s production of Beauty and the Beast is a captivating fairy tale adventure that places this classic tale in a completely new setting, inside an art museum. All the other familiar and well-loved elements, like the exciting plot, the fun characters, the moving and profound message and the happy ending are still there, wrapped in a package that is sure to appeal to audiences of all ages. The story asks how the Beast came to be such a monster in the first place and what he can do to change.

Gently and subtly, the production uses classic storytelling techniques to address bullying, a serious and widespread problem in today’s society, as it looks for solutions. The play is full of music and fun and whimsical songs. So, find your seats – the curtain is about to go up and our tale, as old as time, is about to begin.


For ages 3 and up
Duration 50 mins